Classroom 7 was Action Light and Red Comet Labs's first product. We launched in July 2012 and supported the product until August 2016.

If you'd like to know what Classroom 7 was all about, here's our handy infographic.

We are immensely proud of Classroom 7 for many reasons. Here are a few:

  • Classroom 7 was our first successful product.
  • Classroom 7 was entirely bootstrapped (no outside funding required) and it quickly became profitable, giving us a steady income stream.
  • Classroom 7 was such a great combination of Garren's programming skills and Shelley's teaching skills.
  • We learnt so much about product development as we researched, developed, marketed and supported Classroom 7.

But the time has come for Classroom 7 to go into retirement! We do this with heavy hearts and heaps of nostalgia, but we know that part of the product's success hinges on knowing when to call it a day.

We might bring Classroom 7 back in another form one day, but for now, it's time to say cheers Classroom 7, it's been awesome!