Isn’t being an entrepreneur great?

You’re your own boss, you're free from the rat race, and on most days,
your work feels more like play.


But isn't it overwhelming too?

You carry a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, and some days – admit it –
it’s easy to give in to a freakout!

Relax, this small business has got your small business covered.

If your freakout has anything to do with your website, marketing and branding, or content writing;
then stop – breathe – and send me an email
I’d love to take a few burdens from those shoulders of yours and to be a part of your business’s success.


This is how we can help you to build your business...

Website Design

We specialise in designing beautiful, modern websites that drive customers to your business. We use an awesome application called Squarespace, which means that you’ll be able to keep your own website updated once we’ve set it up – no need for any programming knowledge. Yes, I’m serious – it’s a genius setup!

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Web Writing, SEO and Google AdWords

Good web design is the style; good web copy is the substance. This is where Action Light really stands out from the rest. We follow a tried-and-tested process to research and write your web copy, ensuring that the words on the screen drive customers to your website through good search engine optimisation (SEO) and get those customers buying what you’re selling. If we see that your business would benefit from a Google AdWords campaign, we can run the whole campaign for you - leaving you free to deal with all the leads that come in!

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Branding is more than just a cool logo. Essentially, branding is everything that leads to your target audience saying: “I like this company and I want to do business with them.” So our branding process starts with figuring out who your target audience is and what they should think about your business. Then we move on to designing cool logos and other visual elements, and developing your company’s voice for your marketing material.

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Training material development

As a consultant, offering training can bring you an effective revenue stream, but you’ve got to structure your training course and have useful material to support it. Action Light offers expert services in training material development, including instructional design, content development, desktop publishing and development of online and e-learning.

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Entrepreneurship advice & resources

We love the entrepreneurial journey and we’d love to have you along for the ride, whether you’re considering starting your own business, just starting out, or looking to expand. So, we give you the Small Biz Backpack, a blog about our entrepreneurial journey. We hope that you'll learn from some of our experiences and that your business will benefit from it. We look forward to learning from you too!

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