Web Design, Branding and Copywriting Portfolio

Website design, branding and copywriting


The Borehole Water Association of Southern Africa (BWA) website has been one of our biggest projects so far! We started by modernising the design of their logo and then got to work on their website. The BWA wanted a website to publish information for their members (groundwater and borehole-related companies) and potential members. The website also needed to inform members of the public looking to drill a borehole. We brought the website right up to date in terms of design and rewrote a lot of copy to make it more accessible and more searchable (search engine optimisation - SEO). We are so proud of the result and are thrilled to see a record number of visitors accessing the website each month.

The next part of the project involved taking the BWA's printed magazine, the Borehole Water Journal, and turning it into an online publication. Action Light was pivotal in conceptualising the online version of the publication and then implementing the concepts to produce an excellent launch issue. We also ran the email marketing campaign to publicise the Journal.

Website Design


Colin Rice Exploration and Training wanted a website that advertised their courses and consultancy services. It was also important that they could keep the website updated in-house. This is the website that is the result and the team at Colin Rice are delighted at how easy it is to add new content to their website.

Website Design


We designed a modern new website for the Drilling Industry Certification Authority of South Africa (DICASA). The website needed to be a point of information for new and existing members and it had to communicate the Authority's work to the general public.

Website Design


Sprout Landscapes designs beautiful gardens for both residential homes and commercial properties. Gina at Sprout Landscapes has a designer's eye and she wanted a very clean, minimalist look to her website. We think the result looks as peaceful as a country garden!

Website Design, Branding and Copywriting


This is the website we designed and wrote for Red Comet Labs, our partner company. Red Comet Labs is a programming powerhouse, but they needed a slick marketing website, some stellar branding, and copywriting that would light up the night sky, so they came straight to Action Light! We think the result of our collaboration is out of this world!

Website Design


The client had an existing website and logo, but wanted a more modern website. We did a complete website redesign, incorporating the many beautiful product photographs that the client supplied. I rewrote much of the copy to increase the website's visibility to search engines. Recently, we launched a Google AdWords campaign, which has increased the client's leads exponentially. 



Classroom 7 is an online learning product that Action Light developed with Red Comet Labs. We had a great time developing the Classroom 7 brand and designing the website. We also had to use all of our copywriting skills to explain just how amazing this product is.

Website Design


The church wanted to redesign their website to make it more accessible to newcomers and existing parishioners. It was also important that the website could be updated on a regular basis by church staff and volunteers. We redesigned the website, giving it a cleaner and more modern feel and because we set it up on Squarespace, it's easy for the church staff to keep the website updated with their news and events.

Website Design and Branding


The client was starting her own business and needed a website to support her marketing strategy. We worked with the client on the business's branding and designed the company's logo and other visual elements. The new website included a blog and an events page, which is maintained by the client.

Website Design and Copywriting


A local tennis club wanted a website to advertise its services and events. We designed the website and wrote most of the initial web copy. The site includes a news and events page, which is updated by volunteers on the club's committee.

Website Design


We redesigned the St Michael's website in response to their request for a more modern and accessible website for their parishioners and visitors. It was also essential that the church staff were able to keep the website updated with information about church news and events.

Website Design


The client needed a website to advertise his technical training courses and technical advisory business. We designed the website, using the lovely photographs and other visual material the client supplied. The site also includes a blog, which is updated by the client.